Camper Details & Applications

Girls Rock Camp Update

Girls Rock Camp is taking the 2018 year off. We will be back in the Summer of 2019! 

As we channel our work inward, we are still planning a couple smaller programs that will be announced here and to our email list when more information is available. 

Thank you for your love and support. 

What is Girls Rock Camp?

Girls Rock Camp is a weeklong summer day camp program where campers are empowered to collaborate and express themselves through music creation. The days are filled with fun creative activities led by our awesome volunteers. One of our goals is to provide strong, positive female mentorship to the girls. 

Girls Rock Camp Program

Apply to be a camper

We value our program at $325 per camper for the week. One of our goals is to ensure access to the program to all campers. So, our tuition is sliding scale,  we ask that you pay as much as you can afford. All campers must pay a $10 application fee to show commitment to attend. All spaces are on a first come, first serve basis. Spots go fast, so please get your applications in early. A waitlist will open once we become waitlisted, and waitlisted campers will be called and admitted based on instrument choices, if a space becomes available. 

Learn an instrument

Campers will rate all 5 instruments (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, or drums) and provide an explanation to go along with their rating. No music experience is required to attend camp, we provide all instruments and will teach your camper everything they need to know! All campers will receive instruction from female mentors from our community.

Form a band

On the first day of camp, all campers will form a band with new friends. We ask that siblings and friends coming try to make new friends and form bands with campers they don't know. Each band will have a Camp Counselor that they can reach out to at any point in the day, and a band coach that will assist them in writing their song. Bands will come up with a name, lyrics, a band logo, and will all screen print band t-shirts with their name and logo! 

Write a song

Each camper will form a band with new friends during camp week. Over the week, the band members will collaboratively write a song that they will practice and play for a huge audience on the Saturday following camp. 

Participate in workshops

Throughout the week, campers will attend 2 workshops per day, as well as going to instrument instruction and band practice. Some of the previous workshops that campers have participated in were songwriting, self-defense, silkscreening, history of women in music, zine making, drum circle, how to prevent bullying, and many others.

Play a show!

The showcase is held in a music venue in Orange County on the Saturday following camp week. We invite family and friends to come and watch all of the bands preform their original song on stage! Tickets can be purchased at camp during check in and check out, or at the door on the day of the show. The showcase is open to the public. 

GRC Testimonials

Angela & Bird (Parent Volunteer & Camper)

Rock and Roll Camp For Girls Orange County is a vital and fantastic music and self esteem building camp experience, for my young daughter and myself. Music theory twice a day, a killer lunchtime concert, every day. Incredible workshops covering women in music, world music, self defense, women in media, screen printing, and more. There is truly nothing that comes close to this camp. My daughter and I are thrilled to have this experience to look forward to every summer. We made friendships that will last a lifetime. Many lady rockers have approached us on the street or at shows when they see our RRCGOC T-shirts because this program is so well known and highly thought of in all music circles. FEMINISM IS ALIVE AND THRIVING IN ORANGE COUNTY!!!

Kim & Zoe (Parent Volunteer & Camper)

"My best friend from college asked me to come to rock camp with her in Portland, OR for her birthday about five years ago. Wow, really amazing supportive women, and such a gift to MYSELF! I never played an instrument before, but I gained so much self-confidence that I went home and bought a bass guitar. Since then, I have been going to band camp in various cities two or three times per year, and have tried all the different instruments. Each time, it is an exhausting, scary, and rewarding weekend. It fuels my gas tank! I feel so much love and admiration for all the volunteers and women around me.

This past summer, my daughter was finally old enough to go to girl's rock camp. I couldn't wait to share this with her. Since it was out of town for us, I signed up to volunteer. Full circle! Zoe still talks about that weekend and wants to go back. She talks about self-confidence, friendship, and acceptance. And for me to watch her from the audience rocking the drums for the first time ever - pure joy in my heart."

Aqua (Parent)

"My daughter loves to sing and dance to any kind of music... It's a way she can express herself. I love that listening to, singing, playing, dancing, writing and creating music connects to practically every part of the brain. When she asked if she could go to a rock camp, I was hoping for a fun opportunity that would teach her a few chords, words to a song and expand her love for music. Rock Camp For Girls OC, was that and so much more! The most valuable part of the camp was the empowering lessons she learned through rock music. These positive messages made her feel great about herself, which helped to build up her self esteem and has helped her stay true to herself regardless of what others might say or do."

Mia (Camper)

"I loved Rock Camp for Girls OC because it really opened me up to new experiences. I got to meet and become friends with really nice girls from all over Orange County. I learned to believe in myself, always be positive and support one another. It was so fun to be a rock star on stage and show my parents and myself what I can do!"