Our volunteers are a dedicated group with boundless energy focused on helping girls become their best selves! We are always looking to add new volunteers to the team. We have two types of volunteers positions: Mentorship and Support positions. Due to the work we do, mentorship positions are only open to female-identified individuals, however folks of all gender expressions are welcome to apply for support positions! 

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Mentorship VS. Support Positions

Mentorship Positions. 
These positions involve direct supervision, teaching, or advising of the campers. We strive to create an environment where campers can interact with strong female role models, so positions that involve mentorship are open to women and non-binary folks.

Support Positions.
These positions help support the Rock Camp program, making the day go smoothly for campers and volunteers alike. These positions are open to all genders.


Volunteer with us

Camp Counselor


No music experience necessary,  Mon-Sat, 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. 

This is one of the most rewarding jobs for volunteers at Summer Camp. You will serve as a mentor for your assigned band(s) of girls, make sure they are where they need to be at all times, and attend the debrief meeting each day. Camp Counselors with musical experience may also coach campers on their instruments throughout the day and during band practice. 

Instrument Instructor


Music experience needed
Mon-Fri, 8:30 am - 12:30 pm.

Our campers possess a varying range of age and skill level, and many have never touched a musical instrument in their lives. Now it’s time to teach them what you know. You may do some collaborative large-group teaching, as well as small-group sessions (generally 3-5 students per teacher.) You can also meet or email with your fellow instrument instructors at least once before orientation to decide on a curriculum and what style and level of experience each instructor is comfortable teaching. This position combines well with band coach or workshop leader for a full day of volunteering! We are looking for guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals, and drums. Instrument instructors, although part time, must be available part time each day. 

Band Coach


Songwriting/Instrument knowledge
Mon-Fri, 12:00 pm - 5:30 pm. 

Band coaches are assigned one band to help prepare a song for the Showcase. You will help the girls during band selection on the first day and assist them each camp day in learning how to play as a group, both musically and interpersonally. You are welcome to make this a full time position with the Instrument Instructor position, however this is not required. Band coaches, although part time, must be available part time each day. 

Workshop Leader

No music experience needed, (Workshops last about 90 minutes per age group.)

Got an idea for a workshop? Want to lead a half-day session on a topic of interest to girls? Workshops last about an hour and are delivered 2-3 times to different groups of campers, either in the morning or the afternoon. Past workshops include Songwriting, Zine-making, Band T-shirt Silk screening, History of Women in Music, and World Music Instruments. If you are proposing a new workshop, please include in the application how you plan deliver your workshop and how the girls will actively participate.​ 

Support Crew (during camp hours)

These positions help support the Rock Camp program, making the day go smoothly for campers and volunteers alike. These positions are open to all genders.

Support Crew. 
Part Time.
No musical experience.

General Camp support for the week of camp. Duties may include setting up/assisting/tearing down workshops, helping prep and clean food areas, roadie-ing at lunch, being a lunch time monitor for the campers, running errands, or checking in/out volunteers and campers.

Part time/Flexible

No musical experience.
Set up, movement and breakdown of gear for classrooms. Knowledge of gear is preferred.

Showcase Volunteer. 
Part Time. - Saturday Only

No musical experience necessary.

Photographer. Part Time.
No musical experience, Any Days, Any Times
Help us document camp!

Full/Part Time.

No musical experience

Support Crew (before/after camp)

Gear Tech. 
Part Time. Load in day.
We have a few pieces of gear that needs to be fixed from time to time. We also need assistance with restringing and cleaning all guitars and bass.

Child Care. Part Time. 
Any Days
GRC: 8-9:15 am or 4:15 - 5:30 pm. 
​LRC: 9am-8pm Saturday/Sunday.

Sometimes parents need to drop their kids off at camp early, we are looking for a parent or friend to hang out with the early arrival campers until drop off actually starts.

For our LRC program, you would help watch the adult campers kids for the day. We may provide a stipend for an activity or two. Times are TBA, and of course, we would have you and the parent/child meet prior to confirming this arrangement. 


Jordan - Instrument Instructor, Band Coach

 "Being a part of Girls Rock Camp, seeing them grow and learn, it's such a rewarding thing to witness. It's why I always find myself going back time and time again to teach and volunteer "

Josie - Workshop Leader, Instrument Instructor, Band Coach

 "Having been inspired by women in music my entire life, I feel like it's my duty to help usher in all of tomorrow's potential rock n' roll goddesses. And that future's looking bright!"

Merilou - Instrument Instructor, Band Coach

 "I love rock camp because it brings me back to my roots of why I ever decided to pick up a guitar in the first place. That kind of optimism and inspiration you can't find really find in a classroom or anywhere else for that matter. This was definitely one of the most empowering times of my life... to see these young girls grow from being intimated by their instruments to owning every sound that they create."

Briana - Workshop Leader, Instrument Instructor, Band Coach

 "I signed up to be a volunteer at orange county rock n roll camp for girls because I really wanted to encourage girls to play an instrument, music is very male dominated and girls often shy away from music because of that. But after volunteering I realized that I had learned so much from the campers and the staff, and ended meeting some truly radical people"